Vietnam visa requirement for Ukrainians

Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam visa requirement for Ukrainians

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa requirement for Ukrainians

Vietnam visa requirement

Following the Vietnam visa policy, all Ukrainians must apply visa toVietnam because these citizens are not included in visa exemption ofVietnam.

Once mastering Vietnam visa requirement for Ukrainians, these citizens can be easy to get visa with the most suitable way. We advise here applicants to apply visa to Vietnam online for saving time and money because it is a really time – saving and convenient way.

1. The required documents to get visa stamp at Vietnam Embassy or Vietnamairports:
–           An original passport with validity at least of six months

-           A code or A Vietnam visa approval letter are issued by Vietnam Immigration Department (this document is only required when applying visa at the international airports ofVietnam).

-           Two recent passport – sized photos

            2. The required steps to getVietnamvisa code/Vietnamvisa approval letter.

-           Go to the site and complete the visa application form.

-           Send the form back and after receiving an affirm email, doing payment for service fee.

-           Wait within two or three – working days to collect the visa approval letter by email.

            Note: Ukrainian applicants must remember to take approval letter together with passport and photos to the destination airport, after paying Stamping fee for the Immigration officers, they will stick visa stamp on the applicants’ passports.

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