Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens

Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens

Vietnam visa for landing

Not being included in Vietnam visa extension, so US citizens must show visa to enterVietnam.

Visa issuance is only done by Vietnamimmigration department if US travelers meet requirements when applying Vietnamvisa, especially Vietnam visa on arrival (obtaining at the airports).

1. The below information is Vietnam visa requirement for US citizens who want to apply visa online:

–           The first and foremost important paperwork that US citizens must have is aUSpassport with at least 6 month’s validity. (The available expiry date helpsUScitizens avoid unwanted problems at the airport).

–           Two new photos (less than 3 months) with size 4 x 6cm (are required in both cases of applying visa for Vietnam from Australia  at theVietnam embassy or at theVietnam airport).

–           Vietnam visa approval letter is one document that a legitimated agent will submit Vietnam immigration department to ask for US citizens and they must pay for this item called service fee (almost agents accept payment methods such as PayPal,  bank transferring or Western Union).

–           Before obtaining visa to Vietnamat the airport, the best way is changing money in Vietnamdong to pay for stamping fee at the immigration counters.

2. Requirements of applying Vietnam visa at theVietnam consulate:

There is a little difference of requirement to apply visa at the Consulate. TheUScitizens have to fill in an application form, pay fee and come home. After at least five – working days, applicants come back for Vietnam visa requirement for US citizens.

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