Vietnam visa suggestions for foreigners residing in Vietnam

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Vietnam visa suggestions for foreigners residing in Vietnam

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa suggestions for foreigners residing in VietnamIn order to stay in Vietnam legally, a valid Vietnam visa is really necessary for a foreign people. However, in reality, there are many travelers who overstay in the country after entering or want to stay in the country longer than their visa’s temporary duration without exiting. Some people even lost their passport. So, what should they do in these cases? Below information about Vietnam visa suggestions for foreigners residing in Vietnam may offer you the answer.

What should you do to stay in Vietnam longer than visa’s duration?

The answer is to get Vietnam visa extension. This service allows travelers to make longer their visa’s valid duration, so that they can continue staying in the country without leaving. To get this done, the required document is traveler’s original passport. Normally, it takes about seven to ten business days for extending Vietnam visa. During this time, the passport needs to be kept at Vietnam Immigration Department renewing visa. Therefore travelers should consider you travel carefully and make sure that you do not use passport in this time.

The cost of visa extension is depended on many features as the visa type got in travelers’ passport as well as their port of arrival, and so on. In order to get exact quotation fee for visa extension, travelers should contact our support team before submitting your passport.

What should you do in case you lost passport in Vietnam?

Because of negligence, some travelers lost their passport when travelling. In these situations, travelers should immediately visit local police station to report and contact the nearest Embassy of your country to apply for new passport as well as diplomatic note. After having lost passport confirmation from local police, new passport and diplomatic note from the Embassy, travelers should contact a visa agent like as soon as possible to arrange an exit Vietnam visa. This visa allows travelers to leave Vietnam legally.

What should you do in overstaying situation?

In some cases, foreign people do not pay attention to their Vietnam visa’s valid duration and overstay in the country. For these situations, paying fine for your action is unavoidable. If travelers overstay in Vietnam one or two days, you are allowed to pay fine at Vietnam airport and then leave the country. However, if you overstay in Vietnam three days upward, you should contact us as soon as possible to arrange an exit visa for you.

It should be noticed that overstay in Vietnam can be considered as an illegal action, and it can affect on your next entry to Vietnam or any other country. Thus, travelers should highly keep in mind your visa’s duration to leave the country or extend visa in time.

For further Vietnam visa suggestions for foreigners residing in Vietnam, please contact us via email or hotline (+84)975856633.

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