Vietnam visa types and purposes

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Vietnam visa types and purposes

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa types and purposesHow many visa types?

There are four types of visas for foreigners who would like to obtain Vietnam visa such as:

1. Visa one month single

2. Visa one month multiple

3. Visa three months single

4. Visa three months multiple

Vietnam visa prices of all types of visas are different from each other.

What about entry purposes?

Normally, the type of three months visa applies for people who go on business in Vietnam while type of one month visa for tourists. However, it is no problems if you choose purpose wrongly. You are still allow entering Vietnam in this case. But, you are advised that be careful and thoughtful answer two questions as how long will you stay in Vietnam? and how many times you enter and leave Vietnam in the period of  the valid visa? Then, you will decide which type of visas do you need? single visa or multiple visa; one month or three months visa.

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