Vietnam visa what need to know

Vietnam Visa Information

Vietnam visa what need to know

vietnam visa   Vietnam visa what need to know1. Regulations about Vietnam visa often change, so it’s necessary for you to check carefully before your travels. Please apply for Vietnam visa one or two weeks in advance to avoid unwanted troubles or urgent fee.

2. Documents: Passport of 6 months’ validity; visa application forms; and probably some others required by the embassy, consulate or Vietnam visa online. Visa forms are available by getting directly at the Vietnamese embassy, consulate or websites evisa to vietnam, etc in your country or by sending there, a stamped, self-addressed envelope addressed. Sending a complete copy of your passport via email of Full name; Date of birth; Gender; Nationality; Passport numbers; Passport Expired date; Your arrival day to Vietnam is basic thing.

3. Visa extensions are often done with less than 1 week on your ongoing Vietnam visa, and after 3 extensions.. Each 30 – day to stay in Vietnam, you can extend once you are here.

4. Sometimes you can be exempted from Vietnam visa, so keep in mind this when you plan your travel itinerary.

5. Visa extension is bit costly and the procedures for extending evisa Vietnam are not simple. In case, you want to stay in Vietnam for a long time, exiting Vietnam to a neighbouring country and then applying for 6 – month Vietnam visa is the best way.

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