Visa for Vietnam for Belgians

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Visa for Vietnam for Belgians

vietnam visa   Visa for Vietnam for Belgians

Vietnam Immigration Department

The issuance of visa for Vietnam for Belgians is based on compliance with Vietnam Immigration Department. Belgian applicants for temporary resident visas must satisfy a visa officer that they meet the requirements for Vietnam visa issuance, the details are below:

–   Applicants must leaveVietnamat the end of the period authorized for their stay.

–    During staying inVietnam, do not have a criminal record and are not a security risk.

–  Having sufficient funds to cover travel costs and support themselves inVietnam.

–    Do not work or study inVietnamunless authorized.

The issuance of Vietnam visa for Belgians once they possessing full required documents. Detailed are bellows:

– A passport with validity of at least six months

Vietnam visa application form (download at site or buying at the Embassy of Vietnam)

– Two recent photos sized 4 x 6cm).

Required processing fees (cash inVietnamdong or US dollars),

Application of Visa for Vietnamfor Belgians can be done by two ways: at the Vietnam Embassy or via an authorized agent. The first option should be done when Belgian applicants live near the Embassy or the Consulate and the second option should be done when the applicants live far away from the Embassy. At the article Vietnam visa for Belgian citizens, applicants will know the ways to apply visa.

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