Visa for Vietnam for French citizens

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Visa for Vietnam for French citizens

Issuance of visa for Vietnam for French citizens is now available and there are two kinds of visa French citizens can submit to Vietnam immigration department: business visa or tourist visa depending on the purpose of the travel.

Vietnam business visa is issued for applicants who wishing to enter Vietnam with commercial purposes or in order to explore the market for investment. A business visa will provide French applicants a longer staying.

Vietnam tourist visa will be only issued for tourism purposes. This kind of visa includes traveler in groups, individual tourists and for those who come to Vietnam to visit their relatives or visit sightseeing.

The validity of visa is the most common within one to three months. One month is the best for the tourist visa and travelers possess a business visa will enjoy three – month staying. However a Vietnam visa extension will help applicants want to stay longer than validity bearing on the visa.

A single entry visa is different from a multiple entries visa. With a single entry, applicants are only allowed to enter Vietnam one time but a multiple entries allowed applicants to enter or exit Vietnam several times. And of course a multiple entries cost more expensive. Refer “Vietnam visa fee.

Hereafter are some required documents need to be prepared before applying visa at the Embassy of Vietnam.

– An original passport with the expiry date of at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Vietnam.

– An envelope affixed with stamps available bearing clearly applicants’ address.

– 2 photos 4x6cm (less than 3months).

– A Vietnam visa application form can download from the site or buy it at the Embassy.

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