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Visa for Vietnam for Indians


vietnam visa   Visa for Vietnam for Indians

Vietnam visa

Visa for Vietnam is required for all foreign applicants except some visa exemption cases such as:
– Under 30 days for Thais, Indonesians, Malaysians, etc.

– Under 15 days for , Russians, Japaneses, South Korean citizens,.

–  French citizens holding diplomatic passports are allowed to stay for up three months.

Not being included in Vietnamvisa exemption, so visas for Vietnam for Indians are necessary.

Indian citizens can choose between two ways for applying visa forVietnam: The traditional way is obtaining visa at the Embassy and the newer way is via a legitimated agent in order to get visa stamp at the internationalairportofVietnam.

1. Obtaining visa at the Vietnam Embassy

Once planning to go to Embassy for asking visa, the best for Indian citizens to have a guarantee letter from a company or organization inVietnam. With the guarantee, the Indian applicants can get low fee charges.

Procedure and process of Vietnam visa application will be instructed directly at the Embassy.

  1. Obtaining visa on arrival at theVietnaminternational airports

Applying visa following the way, Indian citizens don’t need a guarantee from relatives, company or an organization in Vietnam but they have to pay guarantee fee (service fee) for the agent who sends applicants’ visa request to the Immigration Department of Vietnam and are responsible for sending Vietnam approval letter to the applicants.

Approval letter is one of the most required documents along with an original passport and two passport-sized photos, Indian citizens will be issued visa stamp at the Immigration gates of the airports.

For more details of making visa on arrival process, please study article Vietnam visa online for Indian citizens at site

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