Visa for Vietnam for Japanese

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Visa for Vietnam for Japanese

Except the cases of Japanese citizens who intend to enter and stay inVietnamless than 15 days and those who hold valid diplomatic or official passports enteringVietnamto implement diplomatic, consular missions, visa application is obligated.

Visa for Vietnam for Japanese can be distinguished as:

– The most popular type is travel visa or Vietnam tourist visa. It has the most common with validity of 30 days applied for both single and multiple entries through international borders. If travelers want to stay longer, they can ask for a visa extension up to 90 days.

In this case, Japanese can get online visa for Vietnamvia an authorized agent or Vietnamembassy. Refer details at visa to Vietnam for Japanese.

– The second one isVietnambusiness visa which used for any Japanese citizens would like to enterVietnamfor investing or finding markets. In this case, visa validity will be from 30 days to 90 days from the date of entry. Contact with a legitimated for applying online visa, process of getting visa on arrival will be available.

With both tourist visa and business visa, applicants fromJapancan apply via an online service. This is a legitimated service under the support of Immigration department of Vietnam.

Visa on arrival service is new but legitimated, quick and secured with the successful rate is so far 100%. No customers have been rejected to enter Vietnam once using online visa for Vietnam service. This service will even be more useful and convenient for Japanese who don’t live near Vietnamembassies and don’t want to post passport. In order to master the procedure of online visa application, please read article Vietnam visa online for Japanese.

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