Visa for Vietnam for the US nationals

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Visa for Vietnam for the US nationals

vietnam visa   Visa for Vietnam for the US nationals

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Like theUScitizens, theUSnationals need to show visa when passing theVietnamimmigration gates. So one procedure cannot be absent before their departure toVietnamis applying visa forVietnam.

Depending on the purpose of the trip, the UScitizens can submit kind of visa: Vietnam tourist visa or Vietnam business visa. Tourist visa has the validity of one month and business visa is up to 3 months. However, both two kinds of visa can be extended if theUS nationals want to stay longer than the validity of visa.

Application of visa for Vietnam for the US nationals is the easiest when applicants have a guarantee letter from relatives, a company or an organization in Vietnam. This will make the procedure of visa application is easier and reduce the rate of Vietnam visa fee.

In case of meeting difficulty in asking a guarantee letter from the immigration department of Vietnam, travelers can use the service to obtain visa. is a legitimated site, gives applicants Vietnam visa information and supports them to apply visa on arrival easily.

TheUSnationals have two ways for applying visa toVietnam, but obtaining visa via a legitimated agent is the most advantageous. This kind of visa takes applicants two working days for waiting the visa approval letter and only some minutes to get visa stamp at theVietnaminternational airports. Only coming to the airport, theUSnationals must show the passport, the procedure is simpler.

In order to have knowledge of applying Vietnam visa online via a legitimated agent for receiving the official visa at the airport, applicants can read the related articles at the site

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