Visa to Vietnam for Argentinian

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Visa to Vietnam for Argentinian

Visa to Vietnam for Argentinian is obligated because Vietnam visa exemption does not include the citizens holding Argentinian passports.

Useful information for Vietnam visa for Argentinian:

vietnam visa   Visa to Vietnam for Argentinian

Visa to Vietnam for Argentinian

– The applicants from Argentina can choose the following visa kinds: tourist visa, business visa and transit visa. They are available to be issued for the applicants depending on the purpose of travel and the mode to pick up visa.

With purpose of visiting sightseeing, relatives or friends, applying the Vietnam tourist visa is the most suitable because the expiry date of visa in this case will be the best during one month. To stay longer than one month, when coming to Vietnam already, the travelers can apply for a visa extension.

In case of coming for business purpose, they should apply the Vietnam business visa and its validity is from one month to three months. When choosing multiple entries visas, they can enter or exit Vietnam several times during the validity of visa and a multiple-entry visa will simplify matters and no minimum gap is required between visits. Of course, they can also have a visa extension for staying longer for this case.

A transit visa is obligated for Argentinian if they want to transit in Vietnam before traveling to other countries and validity of a transit visa is less than 5 days.

– In order to apply visa easier and simpler, prepare all required documents in advanced because visa application is really important and they consist of:

+ A passport with validity of at least 6 months and the passport must have at least one blank visa page available for visa stamp.

A Vietnam visa application form if getting visa at Vietnam embassy or consulate, but not need when applying visa on arrival because this is an online step. (Visa application form can be downloaded at the site or buy at the Embassy).

Two recent – photos with size 4 x6 cm.

A copy of a visa approval letter in case of applying visa on arrival (the letter need to be shown at the airport for getting visa on arrival).

– Choose the right way of applying visa to Vietnam is really important: doing it at the nearest Vietnam Embassy or appying visa online?

Those who live near Vietnam Embassy, should go to the Embassy for applying visa.

Those who live far from the Embassy or want to avoid the hassles at the Embassy, should apply visa online.

Each way provides the certain advanatges, for further information, please study the article apply Vietnam visa for Argentinian.

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