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Visa to Vietnam for Denmark

vietnam visa   Visa to Vietnam for Denmark

Visa to Vietnam for Denmark

Not being listed in Vietnam visa exemption, so all Danish passport holders must apply visa to Vietnam. However, visa application for Danish can be done easily by two ways: at the Vietnam Embassy or via a legitimated agent in Vietnam and pick up visa on arrival at the airport.

Visa to Vietnam for Denmark is issued by Vietnam Embassy if applying following the first way and when applying online, visa on arrival at the airport is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.

In order to be issued temporary resident visas, the Danish applicants must meet the requirements for Vietnam visa for Denmark, the details are below:

–   Must leave Vietnam at the end of the validity of the visa.

–    Do not have a criminal record and are not a security risk.

–  Having sufficient funds to cover travel costs and support themselves in Vietnam.

–    Do not work or study in Vietnam unless authorized.

Danish passport holders are supported with three visa kinds: Vietnam business visa, Vietnam tourist visa and transit visa. Tourist visas often have validity of one month. Business visas allow the travelers to stay in Vietnam up to three months. In case of wishing to stay longer, the travelers can apply for a visa extension. A transit visa has validity maximum 5 days.

Required documents to apply visa consists of:

1)  An original passport with validity at least is six months.

2. Two passport – sized photos.

3) Required processing fees (cash in Vietnam dong or USD),

4) Supporting documents if necessary.

For more information of visa application process, applicants can refer the article Apply Vietnam visa for Denmark at site

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