Visa to Vietnam for Indonesia

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Visa to Vietnam for Indonesia

Indonesians are listed in Vietnam visa exemption in case the applicants intend to stay in Vietnam less than 30 days.

More than 30 days, they must apply visa to Vietnam.

Visa for Vietnam for Indonesia can be submitted to the Immigration department with purposes: vacation, business, investment, working… The validity of visa depends on the requirement of the applicants in the range of one month to three months (single/ multiple). In case of wishing to stay longer than validity bearing on the visa, the applicants from Indonesia can ask for a visa extension.

It is necessary to differ between a single entry and a multiple entry. This will help the applicants choose the right visa kind.

– With single entry visas, the applicants only enter Vietnam one time but once exiting Vietnam and want to return during the validity of visa, they must renew visa.

– With multiple entries visas, the Indonesian passport holders can enter and exit Vietnam several times during the validity of visa. So it is very suitable for business purpose.

In order to apply visa easier and avoid the hassles at the Embassy, the applicants should prepare needed documents in advance:
– A passport with validity of at least six months.

– Two recent photos (sized 4 x 6cm).

– A visa approval letter in case of applying Vietnam visa online.

Normally, the applicants can submit for three visa kinds: business visa, tourist visa and transit visa. But due to being exempted visa with a stay less than 30 days so Indonesian applicants must apply for one visa kind. It is business visa with validity from one to three months.

For more information of two ways for applying visa, please refer the article visa to Vietnam for Indonesia.

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