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Visa to Vietnam for Iraq

Before studying types of Visa to Vietnam for Iraq, the related applicants should refer the below policies of visa exemption applied for Iraq citizens:

– Exemption of visa is granted to bearers of diplomatic passports or official passports with the stay duration not exceeding 90 days. The stay duration may be extended at the request of the concerned diplomatic mission or consular posts.

– Exemption of visa during the whole tenure is granted to members of diplomatic missions or consular posts, representative missions at international organizations and their families’ members bearing diplomatic passports or official passports.

Exception of cases enjoying visa to Vietnam exemption, others must apply visa any departures to Vietnam.

Issuance of Vietnam visa for Iraq can be done by Vietnam Immigration Department for any purposes: business or tourism. So there are three kinds of visa, applicants can submit: tourist visa, business visa and transit visa.

–  The most popular type is tourist visa which is normally valid for 30 days for both single and multiple entries and it can be extended once the Iraq applicants are arriving to Vietnam.

–  The second type is business visa. It is normally valid for one to three months for single/ multiple, and in some cases, the applicants are entering Vietnam just a few days for business purposes, they can also apply for a tourist visa instead as this makes no difference. In case, they must enter or exit Vietnam several times during the validity of visa, the best for them is applying for a multiple visa entries.

– The last one is transit visa. Visa for transit purpose with validity less than 5 days then visa holders must depart to a third country after 5 days in Vietnam at maximum. The applicants will be granted a transit visa on the condition that they travel by tour and the group must have clear schedule and indemnify of a travel agency that organizes the tour

Visa application now seems to be easier than in former days. So there is any difference of applying a business visa and a tourist visa. They can apply visa following the traditional way at the local embassy or obtain Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam international airports.

Irrespective of any visa application options, Iraq applicants must prepare all necessary documents. They cannot lack an original passport with validity at least of six months, some recent passport-sized photos. And the most important thing is to make sure the accuracy of name, middle name, last name, passport numbers and all the information of passport written on the visa for Vietnam application form. In case of applying visa on arrival, the applicants must show a visa approval letter along with passport and photos at the immigration gates of the Vietnam airport.

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