Visa to Vietnam for Nepal passport holders

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Visa to Vietnam for Nepal passport holders

vietnam visa   Visa to Vietnam for Nepal passport holdersVietnam immigration law regulates that citizens of Nepal needs to have Vietnam visa in order to visit the country for any activities. Below section will mention to needful information about visa to Vietnam for Nepal passport holders which should be kept in your mind before requesting visa.

Requirements to get visa for Nepal citizens

According to general regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, Nepal travelers as well as other citizens wishing to enter the country need to have passport with six months of validity and two blank pages upward. Besides, Nepal passport holders also must prepare a passport scanned copy, air return ticket and accommodation reservation as these are additional requirement to issue visa for those people in special list of visa requirement like Nepal citizens.

How to request visa for Nepal citizens

Actually, visa to Vietnam for Nepal citizens can be requested directly at Vietnam Embassy or requested online through a visa website like However, due to restriction in diplomatic relation between Vietnam and Nepal, almost all Embassies reject visa request of individual Nepal citizens. Presently, getting Vietnam visa on arrival online can be seen as the most certain way to obtain visa.

By choosing visa upon arrival, visa procedure is very convenient with a few simple steps as below:

  • Submitting Vietnam visa application online
  • Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union
  • Sending visa requirement including passport copy, air return ticket and hotel booking to
  • Waiting for about five business days for visa issuing
  • Receiving Vietnam visa approval letter through email
  • Travelling to Vietnam and getting visa upon arrival at Vietnam international airport

Vietnam visa fee for Nepal citizens

Because visa procedure for Nepal citizens is more complicated than visa procedure for citizens of other countries, the charged fee for these citizens is also higher. Specifically, to get visa approval letter issued, each Nepal citizens should prepare USD 190/ person for one month single entry visa, USD 240/ person for three month single entry visa or one month multiple entries visa. Then when getting visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport, these citizens also should pay stamping fee USD 45/person for single entry visa (1 month or 3 month); USD 65/person for multiple entry visa of no more than 29 days; USD 95/person for multiple entry visa of more than 29 days and less than 90 days to Immigration officers. This fee should be paid in cash.

For any further information about visa to Vietnam for Nepal passport holders, please feel free to contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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