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Visa to Vietnam for Polish

vietnam visa   Visa to Vietnam for Polish

Visa to Vietnam

Although not being listed in the Vietnam visa exemption but application of visa to Vietnam for Polish is really easy with two options: Applying at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate or via an authorized agent for picking up visa at the airports.

Each option provides Polish applicants certain advantages and contains a little difference of required documents as well as steps to apply it. Applicants can refer the article “apply Vietnam visa for Polish” to choose the best way.

1. Applying visa at the Embassy/ Consulate located at the nearest location

Polish citizens can go to theVietnamembassy directly for being instructed procedure of visa application.

Processing time is from 5 to 7 working days.

Required documents must be satisfied at the Embassy or Consulate consisting of: an original passport, photos sized 4 x 6 cm and a visa application form (download at site or buy at the Embassy).

Vietnam visa fee must be paid once in advance.

2. Applying via a legitimated agent inVietnamto have visa approval letter and get visa stamp at the destination airport.

Visa is issued following this way named Vietnam visa on arrival and provide some certain advantages: quick, convenient and secured. This case should be done by applicants living far away from the Vietnam Embassy.

Waiting time to have visa approval letter takes applicants at least 2 working days but time for getting visa stamp at the airport only take some minutes.

There is no requirement of document when asking visa approval letter but applicants must show passport, photos and the letter at the immigration gates of the destination airport for receiving visa stamp.

Fee of visa on arrival consists of service fee paid for agent to have the approval letter and stamping fee paid at the immigration gate to have visa stamp.

In order to master procedure of visa on arrival application, study the essay apply online Vietnam visa for Polish.

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