Visa to Vietnam for United States citizens

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Visa to Vietnam for United States citizens

vietnam visa   Visa to Vietnam for United States citizensAccording to updated policy on visa to Vietnam for United States citizens, all ordinary United States passport holders entering Vietnam for tourist or business purpose are required visa. In order to get visa conveniently, before applying, applicants should spend a couple minutes noting down important marks in procedure of getting visa as below.

At present, there are two alternative methods to request visa Vietnam for citizens of US: applying directly at Embassy of Vietnam or applying online.

How to get Vietnam Embassy visa

Applying this way, applicants are required to hand in required document directly at Embassy of Vietnam. In usual, original document is one of the most important documents. Moreover, you also need to prepare other needful such as application form and related document according to requirement of staff in charge. After that, you should pay visa fee and wait for three to five working days to get visa issued.

How to get visa online

Different from getting Vietnam Embassy visa, procedure to get visa online just contains a few simple steps:

-          Completing Vietnam visa application

-          Transferring visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank transfer or Western Union

-          Receiving visa approval letter/code sent to your email after two business days at maximum

-          Getting visa stamped by submitting pre-approved code accompany your passport to Embassy of Vietnam (visa code) or presenting pre-approved letter together passport, passport-sized photos and application for any and exit Vietnam to Immigration officers at Vietnam airport (visa on arrival)

Processing fee for visa to Vietnam

Vietnam visa cost for United State citizens includes two sub-types: approval fee and stamping fee. In case visitors apply for Vietnam Embassy visa, both of these fees are charged directly by staff there. In this case, visa issuing cost is not same for all Vietnam Embassies. For details, applicants are advised to contact the embassy visiting there to pick up visa. Meanwhile, visa fee for those who apply for Vietnam visa on arrival is fixed. Approval fee will be paid for visa agent to request visa approval letter on applicants’ behalf and stamping fee will be paid in cash to Vietnam Immigration officers when getting visa stamped.

For United States citizens visiting Vietnam by airway, applying for airport visa is highly encouraged because this visa type helps travelers get visa straight away when landing at the airport instead of visiting Embassy of Vietnam to submit requirements. In contrast, if you enter by other means of transportation, getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam is suitable.

For any further information on visa to Vietnam for United States citizens, please send your query to or call us (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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