What Language spoken in Vietnam?

Vietnam Overview

What Language spoken in Vietnam?

If you are foreigners who want to apply Vietnam visa and visit this beautiful country, you must know more Vietnam information especially its language. This article will solve your problem. Vietnamese is native and official language. But Vietnam travel languages today are English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Russian and they are the most studied and widely spoken in major cities.

Vietnamese consists of 4 main dialects: the northern dialect spoken around Hanoi, the north-central dialect spoken around Vinh, the central dialect spoken around Hue, and the southern dialect spoken around Ho Chi Minh City.

Like Thai and Mandarin, Vietnamese is a tonal language that uses a change in pitch to inflict different meanings, and this can make it difficult for Westerners to master. While it is very different from Western languages, a traveler may be surprised to learn that the basic grammar is pretty simple. Verbs are static regardless of the past or future and parts of speech are pretty straightforward. The major difficulties lay on tones and certain sounds.

Each syllable of Vietnamese can be spoken in six different tones, which makes it confusing and difficult sometimes. Much of the vocabulary of Vietnamese has been borrowed from Chinese. For writing Vietnamese, Roman alphabets and accent marks are used to represent tones. So in a way we can say, vocal Vietnamese is difficult than the written one.

Vietnamese is an Austroasiatic language and is spoken by 87 million people in Vietnam. Besides, Vietnamese is also spoken by Vietnamese communities in countries like Australia, Cambodia, Finland, France, Laos, Germany, Netherlands, Senegal, UK, USA, China, Canada, Norway and Philippines.

Originally Vietnamese was written with a Siniform script, which was essentially Chinese in structure, but later Vietnamese literature developed a more Vietnamese style. Kim Van Kieu, the ‘Tale of  Kieu’, a romantic novel written by Nguyen Du is one of the greatest literary work in Vietnamese. It was in the 17th century, when the Roman Catholic missionaries introduced a system of writing Vietnamese in the Latin alphabets.

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