Who’s eligible to apply Vietnam visa exemption

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Who’s eligible to apply Vietnam visa exemption

vietnam visa   Who’s eligible to apply Vietnam visa exemptionHow do you feel Vietnam visa exemption? Of course it’s wonderful for foreigners want to visit Vietnam and make their trip becomes easier.

Visa exemption can be granted if they are eligible for as stated in contents of the agreements between the VN SRV with the listed countries specifying as:

– Citizens from China, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba and the People Democratic Republic of Korea holding a normal passport come to Vietnam for official work and citizens from 46 countries holding diplomatic or official passports are eligible for a visa exemption to Vietnam.

– Citizens from Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos holding a normal passport are eligible for a visa exemption to Vietnam if they stay within 30 days.

– Governmental officials, and officials from the ASEAN secretariat regardless of types of passports are eligible for visa exemption to Vietnam within 30 days.

– For Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan and Korea people who enter Vietnam and stay less than 15 days since the entry date are eligible for visa exemption

– In case of residing regularly or temporarily in Vietnam for more than 1 year.  Foreigners are granted with a time valid regular or temporary residency card by an authorized agency under the Ministry of Security. They are also free to arrive to or depart from Vietnam within the timeline stated in the residency card (ID card).

– Vietnamese overseas and foreigners or their husbands or wives are eligible for the Vietnam visa exemption if they hold a foreign passport or a similar paper valid for at least 6 months since the entry date and the visa exemption certificate granted by an authorized agency. Details can be consulted directly at a Vietnamese diplomatic representative office or a consulate in the foreign countries.

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